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Hey there! 

Welcome to MissPurpleheart.com and thank you for stopping by ?

My name is Abieyuwa (a Bini name from Edo state, Nigeria. Benin city to be precise) you can call me Aby if you find it difficult to pronounce the full name though ?

I’m a computer engineering graduate currently working in advertising. I am also a lifestyle blogger (as you can see from this blog) a self taught graphics designer (yeah! That’s my bragging right), a social media content developer and an entrepreneur in the making.

I started blogging (in 2012) so that I could share all the things that interest me about life, fashion, style, relationships and everything else in between. 

I like to consider myself a “fixer” because I enjoy giving solutions to problems which I do here on my blog with posts that aim at helping people become better versions of themselves. 

I have this strong desire to inspire in every way and form, so on this blog you’ll find some fashion inspiration, life inspiration and relationship inspiration amongst other titbits of life.

Life is beautiful and everyone deserves to be the best they can be, and hopefully this blog will inspire you to discover that special and unique part of you that i’m sure exists.

If you would like to know a little more about me ?  check out this post HERE.

*Hugs and purple “mwah’s”*